Why the name, Mobi-ePub?
– Mobi and ePub are the two most common eBook formats. With an eBook in these two formats you can reach the vast majority of the eBook market.

What formats do you convert to?
– Under “Formats” you will find a table of the formats we convert to, and which platforms they are compatible with.

Do you only create eBooks?
– We don’t limit ourselves to eBooks. Recently we added PDF as an output option, for example. The PDFs are formatted in such a way, that they can be used at CreateSpace, Amazon’s Print-On-Demand service.

How can I get my own book converted?
– Request an offer under “Offer Inquiry“.

How much will the conversion cost approximately?
– Calculate the cost for the conversion under “Prices“.

Can I check out some sample conversions?
– Have a look at our past work under “Samples“.



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