The price for an eBook conversion consists of 3 components: input, formatting, and output.

Input Format Price
PDF $9.99
Word Count Price
Under 10,000 $29.99
10,000-50,000 $49.99
50,001-200,000 $79.99
Over 200,000 $99.99
Image Count Price
Under 5 FREE
5-10 $9.99
11-20 $14.99
Over 20 $19.99*
Output Format Price
Mobi $4.99
ePub $4.99
PDF** $14.99

Calculated total: $39.97

Are you happy with the price? In that case, request our offer under “Request Quote“.

Note: all prices are based on averages and may vary on a book-by-book basis.

* Additional fees may apply for picture intensive books.
** The PDF output is optimized for CreateSpace, Amazon’s Print-On-Demand service. For other uses, the page size can be varied according to your specifications.



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